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Digital platform, E-commerce website & Stationery for a flagship restaurant

A sophisticated contemporary dining destination like no other, Eclipse is the culmination of freshly-sourced produce and culinary artistry. Situated in the cultural enclave of Singapore's Chinatown, the flagship restaurant is the brainchild of accomplished restauranteur Samuel Quan.

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Located at the rooftop of historic 70 Eu Tong Sen Street, Eclipse offers an exceptional dining room, sweeping alfresco balconies, private dining rooms, an exclusive cigar divan and our popular lounge bar.

We sought to create an interactive landing page that combines animations together with the unveiling of the logomark as well as the location of the flagship restaurant at the roof of the historic Yue Hwa Building.

Animated background
Animated background
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Restaurant location

The landing page utilizes a parallax scrolling effect with multi-layered composites to create a sense of depth and dynamism.

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We helped Samuel to develop his brand stationery in line with Eclipse's dark and mysterious visual identity centered on an iconic logo and clean typography.

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