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Dewgather Coffee House

E-commerce website for a community-centric café

Dewgather, pronounced as “together”, is a contemporary café concept located within a glasshouse at The Star Vista, serving up single-origin coffee that has been roasted in-house, together with a menu curated by Melbourne-based culinarian Joachim Lim for the complete experience.

Together with Agency., we worked closely with the Dewgather team to craft a fun and distinctive visual identity that embodies their vision to create a dynamic and welcoming space for all.

We also developed a custom Shopify theme based around Dew, the persona behind the brand. The website design leverages off the quirky and lively personality of Dew, complete with animated elements and colors synonymous with the brand.

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Scope of Work



Food & Drink

Photography: Dewgather Coffee House
Photography: Dewgather Coffee House
Photography: Dewgather Coffee House
Photography: Dewgather Coffee House
With its Early Morning Menu, Dewgather is a great place for people working nearby to grab some sandwiches and coffee before work. With its main menu, we see Dewgather being a great place for brunch and coffee on weekends with friends/family.


The menu was designed to be responsive, rearranging from three-column layout to two- and single-column layout as the display size reduces from desktop to tablet and finally mobile. This ensures legibility for all customers who are ordering off the online menu, especially during this period of contact-free transactions.

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As an integral part of Dewgather's online presence, we helped to implement a custom reservation form with the necessary form fields for important information such as number of diners as well as any special dietary restrictions. The reservation form is also supplemented with alternative modes of contact such as over the phone or via Whatsapp.

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As a fun way to portray Dewgather's mentions in the media, we designed the page to look like Dew reading the news complete with subtle animations to inject some charm.

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Featuring a spacious 20-seater space indoors and 40 seats outdoors in an elongated layout, Dewgather has a contemporary look decked in dusty pink with industrial flooring.


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