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No Horse Run Gelato 

Scope motion graphics, website

E-commerce website for an artisanal handcrafted gelato brand"No Horse Run" is derived from the Hokkien expression 无马走 (bô bé cháu), used to describe a champion horse which is way ahead of the field in horse racing jargon. It is often used colloquially to describe food options which are ahead of their peers.
We worked closely with the young owners of this exciting startup to build an e-commerce store on Shopify with a custom theme that encapsulates the bold and edgy identity of the brand.

No Horse Run Gelato
  • motion graphics
  • website

We worked with wedesigncrap to create an eye-catching website that embodies the quirky identity behind the brand, while serving as a user-friendly platform for easy browsing and ordering off the myriad of menu items.

A distinct aesthetic was achieved through the use of bold graphics and subtle animations, within the constraints of a strong and identifiable colour palette.

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