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Scope art direction, brand identity, brand strategy, product, website

Strategy, brand, product, digital platform and content for a watch startupHorae is a new, independent watch company based in Singapore in pursuit of making personalized timepieces affordable while embracing the history and provenance of watchmaking.

  • art direction
  • brand identity
  • brand strategy
  • product
  • website

Product Design

We developed four watch designs from the ground up, sculpting the watch cases in 3d modelling software and designing the watch dials with a strong focus on legibility and flexibility in customization. We strived for purity in expression of the watch, removing all superfluous details and keeping only the essentials.

Four Distinct Models

Four distinct pages were developed to represent each of the available designs, complete with art direction and photography, conveying the essence of each design while maintaining visual coherence and unity across the site.

Watch Customizer

The core of Horae lies in its customizability. We built a flexible customizer that allows customers to mix and match varying materials and design options across the watch case, dial, indices, hands and straps. The watch customizer updates on the fly, giving customers a quick and easy way to visualize their preferred design.

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