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Dust To Glory Floral 

Scope brand identity, illustration

Logotype & logomark for a floral preservationistDust To Glory is a Singapore based company owned by Elsa Samantha Lee. Formerly a wedding florist, she is constantly inspired by nature and loves every opportunity to work with flowers.
True to her design aesthetic that flowers look best just as you would find them in nature, Dust To Glory reflects simplicity aimed at allowing just the flowers and the memories tied to it to shine.

Dust To Glory Floral
  • brand identity
  • illustration

We worked closely with Elsa on the logotype for the brand based on the idea of a germinating seeds. We brought the very human touch of floral preservation into the brand imagery with a hand-drawn aesthetic, complementing the organic idea of the logotype.

Dust To Glory captures the growth process of a seed planted in dust that blossoms into its full glory. However, whether it is left to grow or cut and arranged, all flowers will eventually return to dust.

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