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Scope art direction, brand identity, brand strategy, digital, print & packaging

Brand, digital platform and content for a home accessory labelFounded in 2016, WARE-EVER is a home accessory label dedicated to the exploration of materiality and making through experimental wares. The brand embraces imperfection and impermanence, seeing beauty in the textures and wear through time.
We helped the brand to develop a brand strategy and visual identity that is distinct yet open-ended enough for the brand's product exploration. In the development of WARE-EVER's online store, we kept in line with the brand's ethos, elevating the hand-made products against a clean and minimal backdrop as an expression of understated elegance.

  • art direction
  • brand identity
  • brand strategy
  • digital
  • print & packaging

Logo design

We designed the logo with the Chinese word 瓦 (pronounced 'wǎ') to create a phonetic connection to the brand WARE-EVER, as well as to reflect the artisanal craftsmanship found similarly in bricklaying and plastering works.

E-commerce Site

We developed an e-commerce site for WARE-EVER with a very minimal feel that maintains focus on the products while maintaining usability and encouraging browsing.

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