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Digital platform for a wedding photography and videography studioRolling Pie Pictures is a wedding photographer and film-maker in Singapore that loves storytelling through creating raw, organic and feeling images out of real and authentic moments and emotions.
Constantly inspired by films and people-watching, they are not interested in creating the cliché and stereotypical, but pursuing authenticity in every frame captured.
We worked closely with the studio to build an online portfolio from scratch on Webflow with a custom design, reflecting their distinctive brand identity, while ensuring an immersive and engaging viewer experience.

Rolling Pie Pictures
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Exploration of Textural Materiality

The design of the website is based off the visual idea of folded paper and notepads, lending a textural quality and serving as a fitting backdrop to the emotive photography by Rolling Pie Pictures.

This distinct aesthetic was achieved through the composition of paper textures and animation to simulate the page unfolding, crafting a strong and identifiable visual format.

Developing a Visual Vocabulary

A visual vocabulary was developed based off collages and the idea of discovery through iterative design exploration. This was achieved using a combination of image masks and overlays to create a clear visual identity that distinguishes between stills and films while staying on brand.

Rolling Pie Pictures Films
Rolling Pie Pictures Stills

Animations & Transitions

Attention was given to every aspect of the design, from the page load transitions to the menu animations. The menu drawer animation is inspired by the act of tearing pages from a notepad, much like how a viewer can choose his or her next point of interest and move on.

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