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Genealogy of Architectural Practices 2nd Edition 

Scope art direction, digital, website

Data visualisation and digital platform to trace the history and network of local architectural firms in SingaporeLaunched on Aug 21 at the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Singapore institute of Architects (SIA), G.A.P.S 2.0 can be constantly updated with the latest information about Singapore firms, their founders and company histories, unlike the prevous version from 10 years ago, which was created manually.
The site also includes detailed information about the pioneer Singapore architects who built Modernist marvels that transformed the landscape, which was previously dominated by colonial structures constructed during British rule in Singapore since 1909.
We worked with the project team to design and develop the data visualisation and digital interface for the platform.

Singapore Institute of Architects
  • art direction
  • digital
  • website
Old Physical Version
New Digital Version

"It's a step to building a more comprehensive understanding of Singapore's architectural history and a worthy resource to have in the Singapore Architecture Collection."

— Architectural historian Yeo Kang Shua

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