From branding and communication, digital design and web development, to interior design and architectural visualisation, we help brands generate desirability and impact through concept-driven and strategic design.

Studio 4

We usually approach our projects in five rigorous stages:



Before initiating any project, it is essential for us to understand your vision in order to get on exactly the same page. We will meet your team for a chat to begin identifying some of the key perspectives and requirements to kickstart the design process.



After the initial brief, we will begin to develop a fundamental creative direction. While maintaining active communication with your team to facilitate the exchange of information, we conduct research, collect visual ideas, and work progressively towards a mood board that we will walk you through and agree upon.



Once we have a clear creative direction, we begin developing mock-ups which can come in many forms (such as architectural visualizations, website wireframes, etc.) depending on the project type. We will present well-resolved and polished concepts that will be a strong representation of how the final product could look like.



We will hone the concept further with your feedback and comments as the basis. We will dive into the nitty gritty to ensure no details are spared, and begin working with strategic partners and contractors to prepare for launch.



Ensuring adherence to the agreed timeline, we will ensure smooth completion of the final deliverables. Even after the project is completed, we offer maintenance periods to give you a peace of mind.